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Safe, efficient interstate removals

Moving household items and freight interstate is our specialty and we will pick up or deliver anywhere from North Queensland down through Brisbane and the Gold Coast, the North Coast to Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and across to Adelaide, and most places in between (see our map for locations covered).

Interstate moves require a different approach to local transport as your goods need to be properly packed, loaded carefully and secured against any movement during transit. We pride ourselves on having delivered thousands of loads of household effects, business items and freight without any breakages or damage due to our packing or transit methods. Everything we deliver has always arrived in the same condition it began its journey in.

We’ve got you covered

Whether you pack your items yourself, hire professional packers or engage Clarence Removals Service to assist as part of your engagement with us, we will make sure every item is transport ready and secure before we load it. We can supply you with everything you need to safely pack your items, from boxes and wrap through to specialised packaging for fragile or unusually shaped items. Our loading processes ensure that each and every item is checked, secured and deemed safe for the longer trip. If your move is long distance, we will check the load regularly during the drive to make sure no movement has occurred and your items are well protected for the next leg of the journey.

We want you to be free to concentrate on yourself and your family or your business during a big move, and leave transporting your effects or freight in our professional and highly experienced hands.

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