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There are some questions that our customers ask us a lot, so we have added a few here in case you may be thinking the same thing.

Is your truck big enough to fit all of our household items?2021-06-15T09:29:28+10:00

Our trucks have a sixty cubic metre capacity, which means they can hold the contents of a four to five bedroom house. We know how to pack a truck very efficiently and make the best use of the space.

I have a large flat screen TV and am concerned it will get broken in transit2021-06-15T09:29:08+10:00

This is a very common concern. We transport a lot of big televisions and know exactly how to pack and protect them properly for removal. You’ll definitely be able to watch TV in your new place as soon as your belongings arrive and are unpacked.

I have a number of valuable artworks I am concerned about transporting them in a truck2021-06-15T09:38:05+10:00

Artwork needs specialised packaging and is a delicate and sometimes complex process.- Paintings need to have the glass secured with tape to prevent movement and corner protectors added before being placed in a padded artwork box. If there is no glass, specialised pallete wrap is used to protect the face. Sculptures, depending on their size and weight, may need custom built crates and specialised packing techniques to ensure no part is vulnerable. We have moved a number of large art collections and have the know how and experience to ensure they move perfectly.

Do I need to insure my goods when they are being removed?2021-06-15T09:28:05+10:00

Our loads are covered by comprehensive Goods in Transit insurance through Elders. This policy does not cover artworks, antiques or money, gold and other documents that represent money. We recommend you talk with us about extended cover for these items. In over ten years of moving furniture and freight, we have not lost a single item due to any fault of our own, a record we are very proud of.

What happens if a truck breaks down while moving my goods/freight?2021-06-15T09:27:20+10:00

Our insurance policy covers this and will pay for the costs of moving goods to their destination. Our vehicles are meticulously maintained and we have never failed to deliver a load.

Is it better to pack myself or get professionals in?2021-06-15T09:26:57+10:00

Entirely up to you. We do recommend that you take the extra time and cost to ensure everything is packed properly and that nothing breakable will move during transit. You can do it yourself, get professional packers in or engage Clarence Removals Service to do it for you as part of your contract with us.

Can you arrange storage?2021-06-15T09:26:16+10:00

Yes absolutely. Call us and chat to one of the team.

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